The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Mort's Report

here i am on my first official mission as “Team Cleric” for the em-famous Darkstalkers. the mission started out a bit rocky, having to first track down the party being the cause of the trouble. The last known whereabouts being a village run by very powerful druids south of Amn. upon my arrive i met up with a Dwarf and strange green skinned monk, who are both looking for the Darkstalkers. i joined up with them and we followed a lead to a mine just outside of town.

at the mine we found the darnest thing a small pyramid that in actuality is a magical prison thing (which we learned later). once in the pyramid we continued to followed the trail to the Darkstalkers, made easier thanks to a ritual i used on a disembodied head that lead to the one of my first Darkstalker. Roulette. she informed us that most of the party was now dead and that the only other surviving member, Kazz, had run off and was somewhere unknown.

As we were setting out to find the lost Kazz we, um fell into a fight with the very tiefling that almost TPK’d the party. obviously fighting followed.



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