The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Mort's report #2

Well it has been a while, last i reported the Darkstalkers and i had started a battle with the aforementioned tiefling. After pretty nice display of melee and ranged awesomeness we defeated our foes (and their magic floating sword). Ok so the next part was a bit confusing cause it all just sorta happened really fast, but the bullet points are as follows. First we found Kaz (yah), but he is has could crazy (boo). Luckily i was able to heal his mined and bring him back to himself. while i was doing that the rest of the team went to explore the library. Second we found the rest of the Darkstalkers, and by “the rest of the darkstalkers” i mean the remains of the rest of the darkstalkers. Good thing i have a tolerance for gore, cause they were in pieces. i contemplated using a ritual to create a zombie slave (imagine how jealous the other priest would be) ,but it just didn’t seem worth the trouble. As i mentioned i cured Kaz of his crazies, which means he can tell us what “really” happened to the Party.



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