The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Mort's Report #3

As i was saying, with Kaz now cured he was able to fill in some of the blanks in the story. According to him the death of his party members was caused by a mixture of poor planing and poor luck (typical Darkstalkers). After some introductions and discussion Kaz decided to share with us the location of the Head for Virellus (Raven Queen forgive my misspelling). He lead us to another room in the pyramid the had a old bridge and really dark (probably deep) water, which of-course contained the aforementioned Head of V. After retrieving the Head (Mage hand woo), we decided the best/possibly only way to gain our freedom from this prison would be to follow the Heads advice and direction. So we set off further into the pyramid to collect more parts of the Head’s body so we can get the heck out of here.

Following the magic trail lead us into what appears to be a forest/jungle room. As we travelled through the room (in battle formation) we were attacked by some strange tree people with scythes and green sprites of some sort. The fight was amazing and everyone did very well, especially the monk who was able to avoid getting hit even though he doesn’t wear “real” armor. After we dispatched the tree people and green sprites we took some time to recoup and catch our breathe. Woo and i grabbed one of those scythes for myself. I have a scythe… awesome!



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