The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Mort's report 4

So there we were in the forest/jungle room, after a short rest we moved on to yet another forest/jungle room. This time we found a priest/druid, a big bear, and a giant mobile plant monster. We tried to be nice and talk it out, but for some reason the priest/druid guy and his friends would hear nothing of it and started to attack us. This was truly an amazing battle. There was poison spores, mind control, electrified obelisks, and believe it or not Whompping Willows.

It was a difficult fight and it didn’t help that the monk was knocked out at the start of the battle (some how he avoided getting hit yet again). We took out the priest/druid guy first, which was good cause half way through the fight he healed the bear and the plant monster. Next we took down the bear, this I’m particularly proud of because the bear got to close to me and i opened up a barrel of kick-ass on it. That left us with the plant monster, who started picking up trees and electrical obelisks and using them as weapons. I’m not going to lie it got a bit hairy from that point on, but we didn’t give up hope and through our combined efforts we were able to overcome the terrible odds and destroy the plant monster. Now we are setting up camp for the night and I’m doing my best to heal the party.

Not that I’m not thankful to be awarded the honor of being the Darkstalker’s cleric, but oh my it is terribly difficult to keep up with these guys. It is super tiring, but its also super fun way better then sitting around the temple studying (although it has all really paid off). Oh and you will be happy to know that you have a new convert in the drow Kaz. Take that Lolthe.


Good job Mort. Although your spelling would certainly offend Oghma, I’m pretty sure Kellemvor(or the Raven Queen as he is known in other cultures) does not care. How old are you by the way Mort, because it seems like I am reading the emo-diary notes of an adolescent scribe fresh out of the monastery.

Mort's report 4

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