The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Mort's report 5

Oh my where should I start? Well, after defeating the druid/priest and his friends. We decided set up camp for the “night” (goddess only knows how day and night work in here). The next morning we (including the now awake monk) searched the room. we found a small room with goats, Roulette decided to take one. We moved on to the next room, which contained a giant plant filled pit.

Shortly after entering we verbally attacked by a “goat man” who summoned giant plant monsters from the pit. And when I say giant I mean GIANT. The fight that followed was long and hard. Kazz used his illusionary powers to keep the plant monsters away from us, which was really useful since the GIANT plant monsters had the ability to grab and swallow my teammates if we got to close. As I said, it was a long and hard fight but we managed to kill the plants and their “goat man” master. Sadly our victory didn’t come without a price. Our newest teammate (the goat) was lost sometime during the battle. Also the roguish sharp shooter Valinya was killed by a plant monster, and now (get this) is a Vampire. Due to my teachings at the Temple I’ve decided to keep an eye on her. If I have to I am prepared to do my priestly duty.



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