The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Mort's report 6

After the second giant monster plant battle and vampire transformation of Valinya we decide to retreat to the previous room and set up camp again. After much debate on the “Vampire Valinya” issue we decided that, to spite all the vampire weirdness, we really need all the warriors we can get. That said I going to be keeping my eye on here just in case.

So, with all that behind us we moved on to the next room in our journey. To be honest I was expecting to see another plant room, boy was I surprised to find “the Outside”. For a moment I actually thought we had found a way out, but my hopes were quickly dashed when we spotted a strange alter and some obelisk. What happened next was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Kaz decide to investigate the alter, first he turned invisible, then he there was a huge burst of energy and then he appeared several feet sizzling and prone. It brought a smile and much needed laughter to the groups faces. unfortunately the fun was cut short by the arrival of spiders people and and a tree man. This fight was way easier to get through and if I am remembering correctly no one was really hurt. Yeah us!!!


Kaz explodes = comic relief! Love it.

Mort's report 6

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