The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Outside the Pyramid of Shadows

A New Night

The portal opened in a burst of cosmic energy that crackled and bled a bright corona of purple and azure, and after a few moments, bodies began to fall out of the air. First, a a towering figure, a goliath in plate mail crashes to the ground in clanking metal. Then, a wizard, a drow with whispy pale hair, and robes of elemental colors. After that, an odd assortment of figures; the bodies of a pale women with dark auburn hair, an old man in priestly robes, a barrel chested man leaping past them with two glittering stoups. Then an even weirder parade; a white dragon, a devil, an oytug with a top hat and eye piece.

The portal crackled some more with lightning arc wildly around it, and then with a void of sound, the opening folded in on itself and was gone. For a moment, everyone lay prone, and then these strange figures rose and dusted themselves off.

The monsters were the first to leave, the rest took some time to rest, waiting for the priest and the women to awake from unconsciousness. The party that remained were practically strangers, a team by necessity, but outside the Pyramid of Shadows nothing remains to keep them together.



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