The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

Outside the Pyramid of Shadows
A New Night

The portal opened in a burst of cosmic energy that crackled and bled a bright corona of purple and azure, and after a few moments, bodies began to fall out of the air. First, a a towering figure, a goliath in plate mail crashes to the ground in clanking metal. Then, a wizard, a drow with whispy pale hair, and robes of elemental colors. After that, an odd assortment of figures; the bodies of a pale women with dark auburn hair, an old man in priestly robes, a barrel chested man leaping past them with two glittering stoups. Then an even weirder parade; a white dragon, a devil, an oytug with a top hat and eye piece.

The portal crackled some more with lightning arc wildly around it, and then with a void of sound, the opening folded in on itself and was gone. For a moment, everyone lay prone, and then these strange figures rose and dusted themselves off.

The monsters were the first to leave, the rest took some time to rest, waiting for the priest and the women to awake from unconsciousness. The party that remained were practically strangers, a team by necessity, but outside the Pyramid of Shadows nothing remains to keep them together.

The Three Gates of Agony

Last week on Pyramid of Shadows…

Our adventurers entered the Three Gates of Agony and encountered a medusa and an ogre warhulk. After a frightful, yet successful, battle the adventurers Kaz, Ronse, Roulette Valenya, McTater and Mort vanquished their foes. However success was bittersweet. McTater, mighty dwarf ranger, was turned to stone by the medusa. Mort questioned the head of Lady Verellis about changing McTater back. Verellis said that as far as she knew all known knowledge for that was hidden in the third level of the pyramid where Kerovacis was.

The party agreed to leave McTater behind and head up to the next level of the pyramid. Traveling down a long hallway they entered a room completely dark with the rank smell of deal and decay emanating from the very walls. The party quickly decided to try exiting through a far door. However, as soon as the door was tried all exits slammed shut. From across the darkness frightening sounds were heard as the dead began to rise. Almost immediately humanoid dead and wraiths attacked in concert with a swarm of grave rats. And the fight began…

mort report 8

Oh my, I so hate that stupid head. So as i mentioned in my last report the Head of V. stated that we would likely die in the next room, we didn’t. We did almost die in the room after that next room. This is how it “went down”. The party entered the room to find it was a hallway with walls lined with mirrors (hmm trap much). We followed protocol and stayed in formation, or at least we did up until the mirrors started shooting fireballs at us. We destroyed the mirrors in response to the fiery attacks only to be attacked by devilish monsters, while that was happening the mirrors started to reform and a fiery skull started to appear in the mirrors’ reflections.
Oh then some new guy shows up out of no where (a goliath named Ronse) and started fighting with us. Sadly that stroke of luck was followed by half the party being separated by locked doors and chaos. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I lost my cool for a moment while the dwarf was trying to brake down the doors the kept us from our teammates. I mean come on we just lost a party member, give me a brake. So we get it the room and most of the “bad guys” are dead and Kaz is directing us to another door that he believes leads to the floating fire skull that attacked in the hallway. We brake into that room destroy the skull and take a quick break to catch our breath and search the room. In the room on a wall next to a huge crystal ball is a dead knoll. So i used a ritual to create a zombie slave to carry our stuff and act as a meat shield. Then i hear a ZAP and a smack noise and see Kaz laid out on the floor in the next room. Somehow he hurt himself and knocked himself out. He is fine just knocked out, I instructed the zombie knoll (Fido) to carry the unconscious Kazz. Oh and the vampire was sick or something so we left her behind to get some extra rest, she said she would catch up with us when she could.

On to the next room, which was a complete mess. There was a headless body in a lightening cage. turns out the body belonged to the Head of V., she told us to disable the trap and bring her to it so she could “be whole”. We broke one of the pillars that provide energy for the cage then I instructed Fido to put down Kazz and take the Head of V. to her body. Thats when all hell broke loose. Turns out the whole thing was a trap, as soon as she reunited with the headless body it started to attack us and it almost killed us. The battle was pretty intense and if it wasn’t for Roulette I’m sure I wouldn’t be writing this report. I know that she is a follower of Lolith, but that tiefling is ok in my book.

mort report 7

Oh hi, again sorry for the lapse in updates. We have been really busy here. We’re still stuck in the Pyramid of Shadows but on the upside I feel we are getting closer to freedom with every room we clear.
Recently we entered yet another jungle room, on guard for good reason, we tried to get through without arousing any attention from would be attackers. We failed horribly at this task and were quickly thrown into battle with (get this) a dire boar, tree-people, and a f-ing forrest hag. Due to my positioning in the back of the formation and the awkward shape of the room I missed most of the battle, but from what I heard from the rest of the party the boar was the hardest to take down and the hag had some strange attraction to Kazz. Of all people. Once we finished up in that room we consulted the Head of V. to get directions to the next shard of her and the way out. She gave us guidance and warning. Stating that what lays ahead is the chamber of the Charnel lord. we steeled ourselves and soldiered on fueled by the hope that we would soon be free of this place. I feel at this time I should mention that during our five minute rest I switch out of my leather repulsion armor to some really nice magic chain armor, I felt it would provide better protection.

We left the plant room to find at the end of a long hallway a door covered in disembodied hands, as per adventuring regulations we checked for traps and upon finding none proceeded through to the chamber of the Charnel lord. What we found there was truly shocking… an empty room save two heavy looking statues positioned directly opposite of each other. We checked the entry way for traps and again upon finding none headed into the seemly empty room. The monk took point, following the trail of blood on the ground since two rooms back (oh I hope I did mention that there was a strange trail of blood that we were following). Anyway he entered the room and suddenly vanished, replaced by a group of large rats. We killed the rats and thought we would have time to investigate the monk’s disappearance when the vampire suddenly vanished as-well.
It was at this time we knew a trap had to be responsible for the disappearance of our teammates so we set to task to find a way to disarm the trap and retrieve our comrades. This task was repeatedly interrupted by attacks by small groups of large rats. But, spite the constant vermin attacks we were able to figure out how the trap worked and we did reclaim one of our missing party members, the vampire. Who informed us that the Charnel lord lay in a small room in the wall and that he was in fact an awakened Udouga. Turns out the trap that we were faced with was just an oversized feeding system for the Charnel lord. The vampire also informed us that the Monk had died fighting the Charnel lord and that his valiant sacrifice was key in her narrow escape.
I proposed that we go down to the Charnel lords lair and kill him, avenging our fallen comrade, but the party voted to push on and we did.
Yet again we consulted the mystic head for guidance, she warned us that we would surely die in the room to ahead. I really don’t like this woman and am counting the seconds to our freedom, both from this prison and her.

Thats it for now more soon i hope

Mort's report 6

After the second giant monster plant battle and vampire transformation of Valinya we decide to retreat to the previous room and set up camp again. After much debate on the “Vampire Valinya” issue we decided that, to spite all the vampire weirdness, we really need all the warriors we can get. That said I going to be keeping my eye on here just in case.

So, with all that behind us we moved on to the next room in our journey. To be honest I was expecting to see another plant room, boy was I surprised to find “the Outside”. For a moment I actually thought we had found a way out, but my hopes were quickly dashed when we spotted a strange alter and some obelisk. What happened next was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Kaz decide to investigate the alter, first he turned invisible, then he there was a huge burst of energy and then he appeared several feet sizzling and prone. It brought a smile and much needed laughter to the groups faces. unfortunately the fun was cut short by the arrival of spiders people and and a tree man. This fight was way easier to get through and if I am remembering correctly no one was really hurt. Yeah us!!!

Mort's report 5

Oh my where should I start? Well, after defeating the druid/priest and his friends. We decided set up camp for the “night” (goddess only knows how day and night work in here). The next morning we (including the now awake monk) searched the room. we found a small room with goats, Roulette decided to take one. We moved on to the next room, which contained a giant plant filled pit.

Shortly after entering we verbally attacked by a “goat man” who summoned giant plant monsters from the pit. And when I say giant I mean GIANT. The fight that followed was long and hard. Kazz used his illusionary powers to keep the plant monsters away from us, which was really useful since the GIANT plant monsters had the ability to grab and swallow my teammates if we got to close. As I said, it was a long and hard fight but we managed to kill the plants and their “goat man” master. Sadly our victory didn’t come without a price. Our newest teammate (the goat) was lost sometime during the battle. Also the roguish sharp shooter Valinya was killed by a plant monster, and now (get this) is a Vampire. Due to my teachings at the Temple I’ve decided to keep an eye on her. If I have to I am prepared to do my priestly duty.

Mort's report 4

So there we were in the forest/jungle room, after a short rest we moved on to yet another forest/jungle room. This time we found a priest/druid, a big bear, and a giant mobile plant monster. We tried to be nice and talk it out, but for some reason the priest/druid guy and his friends would hear nothing of it and started to attack us. This was truly an amazing battle. There was poison spores, mind control, electrified obelisks, and believe it or not Whompping Willows.

It was a difficult fight and it didn’t help that the monk was knocked out at the start of the battle (some how he avoided getting hit yet again). We took out the priest/druid guy first, which was good cause half way through the fight he healed the bear and the plant monster. Next we took down the bear, this I’m particularly proud of because the bear got to close to me and i opened up a barrel of kick-ass on it. That left us with the plant monster, who started picking up trees and electrical obelisks and using them as weapons. I’m not going to lie it got a bit hairy from that point on, but we didn’t give up hope and through our combined efforts we were able to overcome the terrible odds and destroy the plant monster. Now we are setting up camp for the night and I’m doing my best to heal the party.

Not that I’m not thankful to be awarded the honor of being the Darkstalker’s cleric, but oh my it is terribly difficult to keep up with these guys. It is super tiring, but its also super fun way better then sitting around the temple studying (although it has all really paid off). Oh and you will be happy to know that you have a new convert in the drow Kaz. Take that Lolthe.

Mort's Report #3

As i was saying, with Kaz now cured he was able to fill in some of the blanks in the story. According to him the death of his party members was caused by a mixture of poor planing and poor luck (typical Darkstalkers). After some introductions and discussion Kaz decided to share with us the location of the Head for Virellus (Raven Queen forgive my misspelling). He lead us to another room in the pyramid the had a old bridge and really dark (probably deep) water, which of-course contained the aforementioned Head of V. After retrieving the Head (Mage hand woo), we decided the best/possibly only way to gain our freedom from this prison would be to follow the Heads advice and direction. So we set off further into the pyramid to collect more parts of the Head’s body so we can get the heck out of here.

Following the magic trail lead us into what appears to be a forest/jungle room. As we travelled through the room (in battle formation) we were attacked by some strange tree people with scythes and green sprites of some sort. The fight was amazing and everyone did very well, especially the monk who was able to avoid getting hit even though he doesn’t wear “real” armor. After we dispatched the tree people and green sprites we took some time to recoup and catch our breathe. Woo and i grabbed one of those scythes for myself. I have a scythe… awesome!

Mort's report #2

Well it has been a while, last i reported the Darkstalkers and i had started a battle with the aforementioned tiefling. After pretty nice display of melee and ranged awesomeness we defeated our foes (and their magic floating sword). Ok so the next part was a bit confusing cause it all just sorta happened really fast, but the bullet points are as follows. First we found Kaz (yah), but he is has could crazy (boo). Luckily i was able to heal his mined and bring him back to himself. while i was doing that the rest of the team went to explore the library. Second we found the rest of the Darkstalkers, and by “the rest of the darkstalkers” i mean the remains of the rest of the darkstalkers. Good thing i have a tolerance for gore, cause they were in pieces. i contemplated using a ritual to create a zombie slave (imagine how jealous the other priest would be) ,but it just didn’t seem worth the trouble. As i mentioned i cured Kaz of his crazies, which means he can tell us what “really” happened to the Party.

Mort's Report

here i am on my first official mission as “Team Cleric” for the em-famous Darkstalkers. the mission started out a bit rocky, having to first track down the party being the cause of the trouble. The last known whereabouts being a village run by very powerful druids south of Amn. upon my arrive i met up with a Dwarf and strange green skinned monk, who are both looking for the Darkstalkers. i joined up with them and we followed a lead to a mine just outside of town.

at the mine we found the darnest thing a small pyramid that in actuality is a magical prison thing (which we learned later). once in the pyramid we continued to followed the trail to the Darkstalkers, made easier thanks to a ritual i used on a disembodied head that lead to the one of my first Darkstalker. Roulette. she informed us that most of the party was now dead and that the only other surviving member, Kazz, had run off and was somewhere unknown.

As we were setting out to find the lost Kazz we, um fell into a fight with the very tiefling that almost TPK’d the party. obviously fighting followed.


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