The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

On the Outskirts of Athkatla
The long road south

The Dark Stalkers made it down over the cloud peak mountains, eventually catching up with Camlin Plotaris. Camlin related that one of the many merchants in the caravan train that made it over the pass seems suspicious. He is claiming to be part of House Mentyl but Camlin is pretty familiar with most of the members of the minor house and rarely do they trade via caravan, nor this far south.

The customs house at the base of the mountains searched Camlin’s three wagons along with all the P.C.‘s belongings. Not too thoroughly though since Camlin seems to have paid some sort of “fee” to speed the process up. One of the guards was quite taken with Roulette and suggested she pay visit to the officer’s quarters later that night if she had the chance.

The suspicious impostor in the back of the caravan train was found to be carrying some sort of contraband from Netheril and taken to the fort. Camlin seemed curious about this.

Camp was made near the fort and a watch was set. During the night a mysterious prowler was found trying to smuggle a package into one of Camlin’s wagons. Jerra-sai spent some time torturing this individual trying to gain information but he passed out after the fourth fingernail was pulled out. The party removed his pants and found an extra dimensional pocket with some curious items. These included two +1 daggers, a small bottle full of human teeth, a vial of mysterious fluid, and a mysterious parchment written in a Netherese script.

The mysterious box planted in Camlin’s wagon has the same symbol as the contraband confiscated by the Amn custom guards earlier in the day. The interrogated stranger gave up the information that he was simply trying to get some contraband into Athkatla and figured Camlin to be a good patsy.

Kaz D’Kazzen also decided to perform a minor arcane ritual with the box in hopes of glimpsing images associated with the box’s past. From this fleeting visions, Kaz was able to determine that the box contains some sort of creature from the Shadowfell, captured and traded from the Netherese empire itself. The creature is unfamiliar to him, but he was able to determine that the creature does not react well to sunlight.

Shadows in the Customs Fort
Fort Ellesar

Shadows in the Customs Fort

With the body of the strange thief lodged in a bag of holding in the midst of their camp, it was an uneasy night of sleep for the Dark Stalkers. The day before they had passed through customs, and it was unlikely their gear would be searched twice, but there was much debate over where and when the body should be jettisoned. During the night, Mouse attempted to bury the bag, but the ground was to hard for digging, and it was possible a passing merchant might still find it.

When dawn broke, there was still much debate about what should be done; debate which was cut short by the sounds of carnage inside Fort Ellesar. Morro crept cautiously to the front gates while Mouse prepared to pounce from around the walls. Jerra-sai, Roulette and Kaz all got into ranged positions outside of the doors. From the other side, Morro could hear the whimpering of one of the small pages. The page was terrified, playing dead, because of “strange monsters” inside the fort. When the page finally opened the front door, Morro grabbed him around the collar and pulled him out through the front gates.

The site of the interior courtyard was terrible and disturbing. The custom agents of Fort Elessar lay scattered like leaves upon the ground, their bodies marred with strange black welts around the face and neck.

Camlin Plotaris suspected that whatever strange creatures were lurking now inside of the eerily silent customs fort, they were likely looking for the runêd box that we now had. In any case, the box was becoming more and more trouble than it was worth, and should probably be left inside the fort.

Kaz D’Kazzen was volunteered to enter the fort and leave the box, but while inside he heard the soft crying of another pageboy somewhere within the building. Stricken with out-of-character amounts of concern, he informed Morro at the door.

Morro’s decision was instantaneous. The Dark Stalkers would enter the fort and rescue the boy.

The party fanned out around the courtyard, standing vigilant while Morro investigated the source of the crying. The courtyard was square and surrounded by buildings from which these “strange monsters” could leap forth from at any moment. Occasionally, out of the corner of their eye, one of the Dark Stalkers would see movement flitting from one of the windows or open doorways where shadows loomed.

Morro found the small boy hiding in the page’s quarters. He had hid while the monsters had killed all the other boys in the room. Almost paralyzed with fear, the boy had to be lead out into the courtyard by Morrow. Morro then began to climb the battlements to investigate one of the towers.

The boy was led to the center of the courtyard where he could be best protected. Kaz D’Kazzen began to ruminate that whatever these monsters were, it was unlikely that they would be able to survive in direct sunlight as beings from the Shadowfell. Just then, the portcullis fell with a crash, trapping the party inside Fort Ellesar and the monsters attacked. Some sort of dark blast shot forth from the doorway blinding half the party. On the battlements, a being of pure shadow attacked Morro. Mouse slid up against the wall, and threw a sunrod into the room, erupting it in light. Jerra-sai flung acid orbs in after the sunrod. Kaz ran the boy under the wagon and ordered him to stay there.

The chaos of combat ensued. Jera-Sai and Mouse danced with a being that Kaz recognized as a Shadow Stalker. Another similar creature known as a Shadow Stalker was up on the roof. Kaz and Roulette held the Shadow Stalker off with hex blasts and dark spells. Morro took on the third shadow being on the rooftops.

When it had finished all the shadow beings were dead, and the Dark Stalkers were left with a fort filled with dead Amnian guards. The party found the body of the fake merchant of House Mentol inside of one of the guardhouses surrounded by the bodies of other guards. In that room were three shattered boxes with Netherese runes. The party surmised that was where the Shadow Stalkers escaped.

Camlin Plotaris suggested that they leave as soon as possible. Roulette found gold and a magic sword inside the camp commanders office, but no more evidence of whom the fake merchant was. The rest of the party realized that this devastated fort would be the perfect dumping ground for the body of the thief they had tortured and killed and dumped him and the box next to the dead merchant. No potential investigators were likely to think one more dead body and unbroken box suspicious.

Morro decided that the surviving pageboy would come with us and train under him. Departing With Camlin’s wagons, the party was left with no clear answers towards who the mysterious merchant was or what his plans were.

Arrival at Athkatla

The Dark Stalkers set off for Athkatla after the battle at Fort Ellesar and continued on until they met up with a group of guards going the opposite direction. Camlin Plotaris suggested that we tell the guards what happened at the fort so that we wouldn’t get blamed for the massacre. The party agreed with Camlin, and Jerra-sai proceeded to tell the guards about the deaths. Upon hearing this extraordinary news, the captain of the patrol was skeptical. Camlin Plotaris assured him that it was the truth so he sent someone back to inform the city guard. The rest of the patrol rode off towards the fort and the caravan was free to continue on to Athkatla. They reached the city without a problem.

Once reaching the city gate, a few guards sent the caravan to the captain of the city guard. He was rude, racist, and very skeptical of the news we brought. After getting all of our names and places of origin, he let us into the city.

Camlin led us to the building used by the Plotaris clan and introduced us to his uncle, Methis Plotaris. The party was offered a place to stay, and then taken to their rooms. Camlin introduced us to a servant who could help find “companions” for each of us should we so desire. Roulette took the offer and asked the servant to find her a male Tiefling. At dinner that night, Methis told the party about a man named Qualt, a shadowthief spy working for Gharash Vren.

The next day the adventurers set out for the Lusty Dagger tavern to meet up with Qualt. After much strategical discussion, it was decided that Jerra-sai and Roulette would meet up with Qualt. Mouse would be in Jerra-sai’s pocket (in rat form), Morro would stand guard outside, and Kaz and Daywoo would be in the tavern watching from afar.

Qualt gave us a lot of useful inforamation:

  • Gharash Vren can be found in the woods outside Mosstown except for at night, when he drinks with his friends
  • Gharash has a cave to the southeast that holds his treasure
  • Gharash angered the Shadowthieves Guild by disrupting the slave trade, and taking a cut of his own. This decreased profit.
  • Gharash seems to have some sort of agreement with Calimshan warlords
  • There are ~100 underlings
  • Gharash runs Mosstown, using the local government as a front
  • Gharash has 6-7 personal guards with him at all times
  • There’s something going on deeper into the forest (!)
  • Gharash hates the Shadowthieves. If you want to get on his good side, show him how you have humiliated the Shadowthieves and perhaps bring proof of it as a tribute to him.
  • Gharash is greedy, treats his underlings with disdain, and misses seeing other dragonborns
  • Gharash has an allergy

Before the party could find out what the allergy was, a group of thugs led by a dragonborn named Dejmorcame into the tavern with the intent of killing Qualt because they thought he was double-crossing Gharash Vren. Roulette and Jerra-sai were brought into the fight because they were at Qualt’s table. Morro decided to come into the tavern and start attacking the thugs. All of the other patrons ran from the tavern, and Daywoo came over to help defend Roulette and Jerra-sai (this was extremely useful because neither have had a chance to apply for a magic permit yet!). Because of current magical limitations, the party has decided to run away.

The Death of a Contact
Bar Fight

Suspicion arises in Morro’s mind as a large group of rufians accumulates at the end of the street, he alerts Kaz to their presence and tells him to prepare for some action. That same group floods the Lusty Dagger, dwarven crossbowmen move to the balcony to provide supression fire for their leader. Morro leaps into action, bursting through the door and cracking the skull of some human brigand with his maul. Kaz leaps forth from his bar stool and whips out his dagger, but then runs with the rest of the guests because he doesn’t know how to use it. Without a magic permit neither he nor Roulette can enter the battle so they must leave and wait outside, Roulette is attacked but becomes obscured magically and is hard for everyone to see helping her evade an attack levied against her. The rest of the inhabitants of the Rusty Dagger begin to flood the streets escaping the violence that has ensued inside. The party stands back from Qualt but Morro doesn’t notice and engages Nepestim grazing him painfully with his maul. Mouse in mouse form leaps from the table and becomes human, she and Daywoo with sword and chain whip in hand dispatch the first dwarf Hammer with deadly skill. A deft smash and an agile slash leaves this Hammer lifelessly falling on the ground and passing into oblivion. The Crossbows up on the balcony fire on the party wounding Jerra-Sai and Daywoo, dwarf Hammers knock those two prone. Two of the Crossbows later shoot at Morro but are unable to hit him due to his evasive skill. Morro still attacking Nepestim lets out a burst of power with his Maul that leaves the Nepestim holding in his now exposed pancreas. Previously Morro told him of plans to get into the employ of Garash Vren and said that the party must be tested. At the last attack he told Morro he passed but this was just a ploy to get him and the stronger units in the party out of the fight, mouse passed as well after the last slash that sent the dwarf Hammer to the grave.

Jerra-Sai and Daywoo are on the ground, Jerra is unconscious and in a clever move she is revived by Daywoo’s invigorating expositions of glorious battle and valor. Jerra moves to the corner and Daywoo hunches nearly dead over a bar stool. Mouse and Morro still stand against the wall determined to complete the objective.

Meanwhile outside the tavern Kaz and Roulette debate about whether to get guards, Roulette decides it would be a bad idea to involve them in the whole issue and it might be bad if another disturbance is connected to the Plotaris family. So Kaz flags down some guards and frantically tells them that there is a battle inside; Roulette sighs and gives him a disgusted look. Kaz said he thought they agreed to do that. One of the guards says that they don’t serve drow in this city and ignores him while one of the guards hits on Roulette. After the small chatting the guards rush in the door and say “What’s going on here” in typical guard fashion and the gang runs out and both Roulette and Kaz try to hit Nepestim on his way out, his pancreas in hand. Kaz manages to punch him to little effect and then attempts to jump on Nepestim’s back but is tossed off. The Crossbows jump from the balcony shaking the ground as they land solidly and bolt for the door like a stampede of oxen. As they pass out the door Kaz becomes a victim of a run-by shooting, and one of the guards observes astutely that he may be hurt, tells Roulette to deal with it, and then continues inside for some more questioning.

When inside the party is questioned heavily on their involvement, everything is denied though Morro owns up to killing “that one guy” at the door as he killed as an afterthought to bursting into the door and is told that he better hope that guy doesn’t have anyone to claim him or there may be some sort of hell to pay for killing him. We basically tell the guards that these guys just started at it and we happened to be in the way. When Mouse is questioned, she cries a ton and says some stuff that is hard to understand about Qualt being her father. While the guards aren’t watching she searches him and finds a flier talking about the docks and needing employment on a ship headed to Mosstown. Morro tells them that the party just got into town and we had no place to stay so they decided they would take us to the guard station. However when we got to the guardhouse to talk to the captain we told him that the Nepestim mentioned working for Garash Vren but still maintained no relation to Qualt. Plotaris was called in and we all conversed and we were told not to leave the compound anymore, espescially the normal suspect…Kaz. Once the guards are gone the party talks to Camlin and tells him everything about the encounter and Mouse tells Camlin about the flier and so Camlin comes up with a plan to get us to Mosstown before the Nepestim’s posse gets there. We must again be hired guns, which is the only thing we seem to be good at, but will the party succeed on the high seas? The next day the Darkstalkers went shopping for items-a-plenty and also sold our loot for 16000gp which is the yearly combined wages of a small town. The empowered and resupplied party will next head to Mosstown to try completing an objective for the infamous Shadow Guild

Join us next time as we embark upon another adventure with our favorite adventuring company…THE DARKSTALKERS!

Creature of the Abyss

Floating in unbroken blackness, it waited, mysteries incomprehensible oozing through its brain—-its lures drifting in the currents of the sea lanes, mimicking the flotsam and jetsam of the ocean. Around the dark creature, intently wandering in chaotic patterns, Kuatoa slaves followed the creatures plans. Far above them, in the surface world, a psychic beacon burst. Kaleidoscopic images flashed in the creatures mind; a boat bobbing in the ocean, a Tiefling women, sailors with arms reaching out, a Dragonborn lending aid. Nothing in it’s outside appearance, its six crimson eyes, its tentacles floating in the undersea current, showed the creatures amusement, but its dark brain vibrated with malicious glee. No one, not even the boy whose brain he had latched on to, a slimy psychic parasite attached by a thousand psychic hooks, knew that their doom awaited. The creature began to rise to the surface, draw to the dark beacon.

Daewoo looked on in horror at the welts on the boys back. They had pulled the the young halfling in earlier off of the sea, and when she had heard that he was injured, she had not imagined this. Their were long purple lashes on the boys back as if he had been whipped repeatedly. The wounds looked like nothing someone would get in a shipwreck. Clearly, their was more to the boys story, but it was also clear that any attempt to get him to talk, would subject him to revisiting the horrors that he had seen. The most important thing was that he be healed.

Morro’s eyes opened. Staring up, at the wooden ceiling from his position in the hammock, he could hear the sounds of alarm and carnage. His body was already moving without thinking, trained as it was in combat. By the time everyone else was up, he had already made to the stairs. He could hear the sound of the halfling boy in the next room screaming in an unnatural voice, but his mind was already focused on battle. He leaped up the stairs and burst through the door.

The lacerated boy jerked and twisted lifelessly as if his body was a wooden marionette controlled by an unseen puppeteer. His neck cocked at an impossible angle, and his eyes glowing with malicious intelligence, the boy leered at Kaz D’Kazzen. Kaz could feel the pull on his consciousness and the sudden burst of intense bright pain behind his eyes, like a hook piercing his thoughts and pulling them out through a tiny hole in his forehead. For a second, a link was established between Kaz and the being, and Kaz gagged as thoughts too terrible to comprehend penetrated his minds eye.

Roulette blasted a hex at the monster inside the body of the boy. The body slammed against the headboard, and then slid down to crumble on the bed.

On deck, it was a bedlam of whipping tentacles, aquatic humanoids with shark-bone spears, and ocean spray and yellow slime crashing over the ship’s hull.

Morrow was on the aft with a mad glint in his eye attacking one of the sailors. Madness was everywhere as the sea raged darkly around them.

Jera-Sai dodged to the side as a Kuatoa thrust a wickedly barbed spear in the place where she last stood. The deck rocked back in forth in the sea. Balance was tricky on a wet deck, but Jera-Sai already had learned from the sailors how to move low to the ground to keep balance. She smiled as salt spray splashed around her and fired off another spell.

By the time Roulette got to the surface the battle was already underway. The pitched hardwood of the ship was covered in a phlegmatic slime that seemed to float in haze around them. Kroatoa surged around them, leaping over the handrails to join the battle. But Roulette was drawn, to the figure floating in the sea of the ships starboard. An alien creature. A creature, Roullette instinctively knew, not of this world.

Mouse leaped between the two fish people. They tried to follow her movements with their milky pearly eyes, but she was too quick. A living dust devil of chains and blades. Before its fish like brain could even comprehend a series of lacerations formed across its slimy chest. A mouth gasped, showing rows of small razor teeth. It did not know fear, but it would feel pain.

A Tarantino Moment

Let’s take a brief pause in this action…

Our readers may be a bit confused, one moment the heroes and heroines are fighting in a bar and the next thing they know, suddenly a creature arising from a yellow, lemon-fresh, gooey abyss is showing up on a boat to attack the “benevolent” Dark Stalkers. Well, let me clue you young readers into why our heroes and heroines face an almost certain perilous situation.

/Tarantino Style flashback to Athkatla/

Camlin needed a way to get The ever-so-wonderful Dark Stalkers out of his hair and to continue the mission that they had ever-so-wonderfully messed up. With the contact killed, shopping and gossiping done, and relaxing only just starting on the Plotaris’s cozy lifestyle, The Dark Stalkers were immediately called to go to the docks; a vessel that could take The Dark Stalkers southern, closer towards their missions of getting their gold back, finding where Mephisto had emotionally wandered off to, and perhaps owning a baby mammoth or two.

So, the trigger happy group they were, they immediately ran to the docks, no questions asked. The Dark Stalkers were greeted by a half-elf with a falcon :Captain Lewis Red and his yet-to-be-named falcon.
Captain Red questioned The Dark Stalkers only briefly, the group unusually quiet to responses and questions this day. “Welcome to the crew… and keep your mouth down about pirates here,” Captain Red articulated to them.
With that, The Dark Stalkers began to board the “HammerCrest,” a two leveled boat with rather cozy living quarters and space, still tied up to dock #12.

As chaos always seems to follow order, so it does follow The Dark Stalkers as well. Before the group had time to blink, an angry debt collector—an entire crew of Dwarves never-the-less—pulled up to dock, yelling to Captain Red to repay what he owed for the boat. The Dark Stalkers, as per usual to shoot first and ask questions later, immediately began to attack the Dwarven crew. The Dark Stalkers tried their hardest to be relentless in their torrent of attacks against the Dwarves, even using outlawed magic to attack, but missing many shots. A few of the Dwarven crew did die, drowning in the water; as well as the entire crew was pulled magically off of their boat, leaving the Dwarf boat to go smashing into the docks.
As the attack against the Dwarves was happening, Daewoo tried her hardest to help out with untying the sails and the ropes tethering the boat to the dock. Her dragonborn hands were of help, and before the Dwarves could even get close to the boat, the “HammerCrest” was in the water, sailing away.

As Captain Red and The Dark Stalkers pulled out of the docks, they could hear the echoing cries of not only the Dwarves cursing Captain Red, but also of the local wizarding authority showing up to the scene to investigate who had used the outlawed magic, as well as the wonderful sound a wooden boat makes when it goes smashing bow first into a dock.

Only after they were in the waters of the ocean did our Dark Stalkers think to wonder what cargo they held. Only after they were in the waters of the ocean did they think of wheither or not they really had to attack the Dwarves. But, with a shrug and a laugh, they were out at sea, heading towards whatever chaos and adventure was certain to be ahead of them.

/Fade back to present battle/
oh no they didn't!


The Dark Stalkers battle at sea continues as each party member fights off the likes of three Kuatoa and one Aboleth.

Kaz was hit several times by the Aboleth and eventually succumbed to its brain washing. Kaz attacked a few of his party members then took a great leap off the starboard side of the ship. He landed close to the Aboleth, flailing around in the deep salty ocean.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party continued to take on the gathering of the fish people. Each Dark Stalker member was handing out a savage beat down to the slimy fish beasts, however as much wrath as they were dishing out, they were also taking a lot damage. Several times Mouse and Daywoo were looking very bloodied. Especially near the end of the battle when Daywoo’s brain was infested by the nasty tentacled Aboleth, unfortunately causing her to attack young Mouse. Instead of moving away from Daywoo, Mouse unleashed her fury in a counter attack against her unarmored party member.

Jerra sai stuck to the bow area of the ship and dealt out major damage with her ranged and close attacks on a Kuatoa standing directly in front of her.

After Morrow shook off the Abolth’s fierce grip on his brain he jumped into action aiding Roulette, Daywoo and Mouse in the fight. The nasty fishes got the best of several party members by snatching their weapons with their nasty sticky shields. Daywoo had no weapon however that didn’t stop her from unleashing a serious *kiss with a fist *to the face of a sword swiping Kuatoa.

Eventually all the Kuatoa were slain, however the problem remained of our brainwashed Kaz helpless in the ocean. At on point he was picked up by the Abolth and was riding it. He became free of its stronghold on his brain and started stabbing at it. When the giant beast was taken under, the party got Kaz pulled out of the water and finally back on board.

The remains of the Kuatoa were pillaged by some of the party members. One of the Kuatoa was a pregnant female with a lot of nasty eggs. Morrow has begun a science project of sorts where he has taken some of these eggs and placed them in salt water. The others he has placed into the dark liquid evil goo.

See what had happened was...

Hello viewers, Mister Whathappened. With another Hero interview.
This week, we have Mouse of the infamous Darkstalkers with us today. She’s going to give us the inside scoop on what happened last week. So Mouse what happened?

Well this is what I remember. We just got away from some pirates…

WOW pirates, that must have been a bit exciting?

Meh. They got in the way so we kicked their butts… I think, it was dark and they were out of my darkvision range. So I didn’t see much. Kazz would know more, his darkvision is better then mine.

Anyway we got done with the pirates and we’re finally getting some rest. Jeri-Sai was learning boat stuff and Daywoo was doing her dragon forms. I was busy checking my equipment and such. We were all pretty chill, except for the Deva. He was noticeably pissed for some reason. I was going to snoop around a bit and find out what the deal was, but it looked like jeri-sai was on top of it, so i just let it go.

So you weren’t curious to know what was going on?

Well yeah, but I figured that it probably had something to do with that whelp that’s always following the Deva around. So I figured it wasn’t all that important. Although I have noticed that the kid’s be “hanging out” with the tiefling a lot, so maybe thats what the situation was all about.


It was a pretty boring ride, oh but we did finally make it to our destination. But then we had to go back to the boat.

Really? Why?

Well, apparently the deva’s monsters hatched and one of them escaped on the boat so we had to go back and catch it. Maybe thats why he was pissed… meh, still don’t care. Anyway we tried to catch it.

That most have been fun.

It was thrilling, I got to use my blastpatches and everything. Ooh, and I got to see what dark kou-toa looked like. I drew a picture. Personally I thought it was pretty cute. I’ve named the new species of kou-toa, the Darkstalker.

Really?… Ok. Did you kill it?

Nope it got away. So we went back to the shore and camped out for the night. the next morning we went to town and met our contact. Some druid dude. Oh then security took the deva away for smuggling or something.

Really, smuggling?

Yeah I’m not surprised, not to be racist but I don’t trust anything that can’t die,
and thats it.

Well that sounds like a great week. Lets hope you guys keep up the “good” work. Any predictions for next this week?

Yeah, were going to kill some shit.

Betrayal in Mosstone
A darkstalker dies tonight---By another Darkstalkers hand!

It is nighttime in Mosstone, the creaking of the crickets, and far from the diameter of the Great Tree, a point of light, one of those local pubs open in every town when all other stores have stopped selling their wares and locked their doors. On the other side of the town, a nest of shanties and huts. The party is split. Half of them, not ready to give up on the day, perhaps with the leg of their journey finally so close, decide to stay for a drink at the above mentioned pub, the other half have decided to fall in for the night. Inside the round pueblo style hut, the other half sleeps, the other half save one.

There is a small fire in the hearth and a soft crack of coals popping, amber light flickering. As the fire crackles, the shadows seem to grow long and short. There is someone standing over the body of Dejmor, Morro’s page. It is Mouse, her small frame absurdly contrasted with that of Morro’s immense great hammer in her hands. She hefts the hammer over her head, the hammer is the length of her lithe body, and sends it down crashing onto Dejmor’s head. But the weight has set her off balance, and the hammer lands on Dejmor’s small chest. There is a crack as the small boy’s sternum is caved inward. The boy gives out a gurgling whistle, what would normally have been a scream if his lungs weren’t pierced with the shattered remnants of his ribcage. But it is loud enough that Morro and Kaz awake.

Kaz can see everything in the night gloom. His race has evolved night vision and the dark room to his eyes is awash in a purple light. Morro cannot see in the dark. He looks towards Dejmor’s bed. For some reason, Morro has chosen Dejmor to be placed under his protection. The boy is his responsibility and the relationship has evolved to something like father and son. He sees a dark shadow, short, thin, but hanging over Dejmor’s bed. Morro attacks bare handed, reaching to pull the weapon out of this assassin’s hands.

Kaz is frightened. The room is too small for three combatants. He might get killed getting in between Morro and Mouse, two assailants whose effectiveness at killing he has already seen first hand. Kaz has no idea why Mouse would kill Dejmor, but he is not surprised. For a Drow, betrayal is never a surprise. Mouse was a sellsword, just like him. Kaz could not expect loyalty from anyone; and except for Daewoo and Jera-Sai who had saved his life, he planned to give none.

Mouse turned towards Morro. His large frame, clad only in cotton bottoms and a night shirt, towered over her. Mouse cursed; her plan had failed. She was going to kill Dejmor and frame it on Mouse. Perhaps, find some way to tie Kaz into the plan as well. She knew that with any wrong doing, he would immediately be suspect. That would put her in a perfect position for blackmail. But Morro was another thing. He was dangerous.

Morro reached towards her grabbing at her hammer. She threw it to her feet. The weapon was too unwieldy, and if Morro got his hands on it, then with his strength he could pull it from her grasp anyway. She pulled out her whip chain and slashed him across the chest.

Kaz was moving along the walls, trying to get to the doorway. He needed to make sure that Mouse was down before he could get away. He cast a spell.

The shadows came alive beneath Mouse’s feet. They writhed up, tentacles of blackness, and pulled her to the ground. Morrow leaped around her, as Kaz raced out the door. He leaped, rolled, and came up with his hammer in his hand. He swung it around smashing Mouse in the face. Her small frame shook with the impact as her face was shattered. She flew back crashing into the burning embers and then rolling outwards. She was lying unconscious on the floor. Morro looked at Dejmor trying to breath even though his lungs had collapsed, then he raised the hammer above his head, and hammered Mouse’s head into the earth. Mouse’s head exploded like ripe Chultian Melon.

The rest of the Darkstalkers ran into the room. Daewoo had showed up in just enough time to heal Dejmor. But Morro has decided to leave the party. He gives no explanation for leaving, but perhaps he realizes that the life of a Darkstalker is too dangerous for a small boy. Morro and Dejmor walk out the front gates of Mosstone and out of the lives of the Darkstalkers.

The Darkstalkers are stunned. One of their party members is dead, another has left with his protege. Mosstone guards are investigating the death as a murder. Though there is initial suspicion that Kaz might have something to do with what happened, Archdruid Mumridor cleared everything up. Once again Kaz is indebted to the druid. The party decided they needed to regain their numbers, but perhaps do a more careful job vetting potential Darkstalkers. They find a strange, intelligent Golem hanging around the town of Mosstone. He is a new design of roving golem-soldiers designed by War Wizards of Cormyr. He has decided to come with the Darkstalkers on their trip, but they will not be as quick to accept him as they have done their other comrades. Gabbo, the boy scout, leads them to Gharash Vren’s hideout, a few miles into the Wealdath forest. The hideout is a old, abandoned mine, but it appears to only be filled with the bodies of Gharash Vren’s men. The Darkstalkers begin to investigate, but there are already many traps. The deal was: Bring back Gharash Vren’s head, but are the Darkstalkers getting in over their head.
Into the Mines

After the fiasco (and betrayal) of Mouse killing Morro‘s page, page, the party settled into an uneasy sleep for the night. Kaz D’Kazzenonce again dreamed about Gharash Vren and Karavarkos. The new day brightened without anything else untoward happening, and the party found a young ranger named Gabbo waiting outside for them. Gabbo can affectionately be referred to as the Faerun version of Justin Bieber; too cool for just about everyone else, and so awesome that he’s unfazed by anything…or so he’d like us to think.
The party and Gabbo got on their way into the forest, towards the mine that Gharash Vren had seized. The walk was uneventful, no random encounters or really cool wondrous items dangling in the air waiting for someone to grab them.
Upon reaching the entrance to the mine, the party sent Kaz up, while invisible, to scout out the area. The first dead body he found was laying in a mine cart just outside the entrance to the mine. Kaz decided to investigate a little shack just outside of the entrance to the mine. When he opened the door, a spike flew down from the ceiling to impale anyone who opened the door (“It’s a trap!”). After the initial shock of being hit by a spike, Kaz was once again confronted with a nasty surprise – three dead bodies were hanging from the rafters (A dwarf, a dragonborn, and a human).
Aside from the three dead bodies, nothing else was found outside of the mine. The party began the descent into the mine, with Gabbo at the front looking for traps (because he’s so awesome). The first trap Gabbo stumbled upon was a poison gas trap. A few people were actually poisoned, but it wasn’t too serious. Farther down in the mine, the party ran into a fire trap. They stood at the entrance of the fire trap room for a while, trying to figure out how to disable it. No one could, so Daewoo WuTang Koopa ran across it, ignoring any damage she took. Jerra-sai picked up Kaz and flew across, not setting the trap off. VI “Barricade” decided to follow Daywoo’s steps, and run across the fire trap room as quickly as possible. Gabbo thought about the room some more, and found a way to get across without setting the trap off. If Gabbo didn’t act like Justin Bieber all the time, Jerra-sai might have actually been impressed. The party trudged on, looking for traps. The next one they found was a projectile spike trap. Kaz took the lead for this one, and found the near-invisible wires that, when tripped, set off the trap. Everyone was able to successfully step over the trip-wires and they found themselves facing their next challenge – a pile of dead bodies!


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