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“You guys are loud and horrible.” – Morro
“Cause if they’re undead, they’re so dead!” – Morro
“I am so happy the Deputies of Loudwater are my best friends……….Riiight.” – Sunskeen
“We always come back, like a tainted boomerang.” – Morro
“My other car is your mind!” – Aboleth bumper sticker
“He’s like a bull in a china shop, except the china is character classes!” – Kaz

Current Time

Time is meaningless inside the Pyramid of Shadow

Last known time is 28th, Kythor
Dark Stalkers: Month 6 week 4, Day 1

Dejmor’s Science Experiment

Control Group: Kuatoa eggs in seawater
Treatment: Kuatoa eggs in unknown black liguid

Update: Kuatoa eggs in unknown substance have hatched, They killed all but three of themselves. They appear to have mutated into a shadow-Kuotoa creature, with black skin, translucent eyes, and long urchin spines on their whip-like tails.

The last Dark Kuatoa have been destroyed by the Druids of Mosstone. Poor Meep-Meep. Posthumously, we have decided to name the beast a Darkstalker. There is still one more alive somewhere. Perhaps the species may survive.

Main Page

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