The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

mort report 7

Oh hi, again sorry for the lapse in updates. We have been really busy here. We’re still stuck in the Pyramid of Shadows but on the upside I feel we are getting closer to freedom with every room we clear.
Recently we entered yet another jungle room, on guard for good reason, we tried to get through without arousing any attention from would be attackers. We failed horribly at this task and were quickly thrown into battle with (get this) a dire boar, tree-people, and a f-ing forrest hag. Due to my positioning in the back of the formation and the awkward shape of the room I missed most of the battle, but from what I heard from the rest of the party the boar was the hardest to take down and the hag had some strange attraction to Kazz. Of all people. Once we finished up in that room we consulted the Head of V. to get directions to the next shard of her and the way out. She gave us guidance and warning. Stating that what lays ahead is the chamber of the Charnel lord. we steeled ourselves and soldiered on fueled by the hope that we would soon be free of this place. I feel at this time I should mention that during our five minute rest I switch out of my leather repulsion armor to some really nice magic chain armor, I felt it would provide better protection.

We left the plant room to find at the end of a long hallway a door covered in disembodied hands, as per adventuring regulations we checked for traps and upon finding none proceeded through to the chamber of the Charnel lord. What we found there was truly shocking… an empty room save two heavy looking statues positioned directly opposite of each other. We checked the entry way for traps and again upon finding none headed into the seemly empty room. The monk took point, following the trail of blood on the ground since two rooms back (oh I hope I did mention that there was a strange trail of blood that we were following). Anyway he entered the room and suddenly vanished, replaced by a group of large rats. We killed the rats and thought we would have time to investigate the monk’s disappearance when the vampire suddenly vanished as-well.
It was at this time we knew a trap had to be responsible for the disappearance of our teammates so we set to task to find a way to disarm the trap and retrieve our comrades. This task was repeatedly interrupted by attacks by small groups of large rats. But, spite the constant vermin attacks we were able to figure out how the trap worked and we did reclaim one of our missing party members, the vampire. Who informed us that the Charnel lord lay in a small room in the wall and that he was in fact an awakened Udouga. Turns out the trap that we were faced with was just an oversized feeding system for the Charnel lord. The vampire also informed us that the Monk had died fighting the Charnel lord and that his valiant sacrifice was key in her narrow escape.
I proposed that we go down to the Charnel lords lair and kill him, avenging our fallen comrade, but the party voted to push on and we did.
Yet again we consulted the mystic head for guidance, she warned us that we would surely die in the room to ahead. I really don’t like this woman and am counting the seconds to our freedom, both from this prison and her.

Thats it for now more soon i hope



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