The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

mort report 8

Oh my, I so hate that stupid head. So as i mentioned in my last report the Head of V. stated that we would likely die in the next room, we didn’t. We did almost die in the room after that next room. This is how it “went down”. The party entered the room to find it was a hallway with walls lined with mirrors (hmm trap much). We followed protocol and stayed in formation, or at least we did up until the mirrors started shooting fireballs at us. We destroyed the mirrors in response to the fiery attacks only to be attacked by devilish monsters, while that was happening the mirrors started to reform and a fiery skull started to appear in the mirrors’ reflections.
Oh then some new guy shows up out of no where (a goliath named Ronse) and started fighting with us. Sadly that stroke of luck was followed by half the party being separated by locked doors and chaos. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I lost my cool for a moment while the dwarf was trying to brake down the doors the kept us from our teammates. I mean come on we just lost a party member, give me a brake. So we get it the room and most of the “bad guys” are dead and Kaz is directing us to another door that he believes leads to the floating fire skull that attacked in the hallway. We brake into that room destroy the skull and take a quick break to catch our breath and search the room. In the room on a wall next to a huge crystal ball is a dead knoll. So i used a ritual to create a zombie slave to carry our stuff and act as a meat shield. Then i hear a ZAP and a smack noise and see Kaz laid out on the floor in the next room. Somehow he hurt himself and knocked himself out. He is fine just knocked out, I instructed the zombie knoll (Fido) to carry the unconscious Kazz. Oh and the vampire was sick or something so we left her behind to get some extra rest, she said she would catch up with us when she could.

On to the next room, which was a complete mess. There was a headless body in a lightening cage. turns out the body belonged to the Head of V., she told us to disable the trap and bring her to it so she could “be whole”. We broke one of the pillars that provide energy for the cage then I instructed Fido to put down Kazz and take the Head of V. to her body. Thats when all hell broke loose. Turns out the whole thing was a trap, as soon as she reunited with the headless body it started to attack us and it almost killed us. The battle was pretty intense and if it wasn’t for Roulette I’m sure I wouldn’t be writing this report. I know that she is a follower of Lolith, but that tiefling is ok in my book.



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