The Dark Stalkers of Faerun

The Three Gates of Agony

Last week on Pyramid of Shadows…

Our adventurers entered the Three Gates of Agony and encountered a medusa and an ogre warhulk. After a frightful, yet successful, battle the adventurers Kaz, Ronse, Roulette Valenya, McTater and Mort vanquished their foes. However success was bittersweet. McTater, mighty dwarf ranger, was turned to stone by the medusa. Mort questioned the head of Lady Verellis about changing McTater back. Verellis said that as far as she knew all known knowledge for that was hidden in the third level of the pyramid where Kerovacis was.

The party agreed to leave McTater behind and head up to the next level of the pyramid. Traveling down a long hallway they entered a room completely dark with the rank smell of deal and decay emanating from the very walls. The party quickly decided to try exiting through a far door. However, as soon as the door was tried all exits slammed shut. From across the darkness frightening sounds were heard as the dead began to rise. Almost immediately humanoid dead and wraiths attacked in concert with a swarm of grave rats. And the fight began…



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