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Amn, also known as the Merchant’s Domain, is a tremendously wealthy nation in West Faerûn. Prior to the Spellplague and the continent’s disappearance, Amn held colonies far away in Maztica. Today, it still controls important trade routes to Calimshan and Baldur’s Gate as well as colonial ports in the Moonshaes and Chult. Its population, mostly human with a large minority population of halflings, has historically been in the range of 3 million. The country’s natural resources and wealth, combined with its mercantile nature has led Amn to become one of the most important and influential trading centers throughout Faerun. The crowning jewel of this powerful state is the capital city of Athkatla, founded in 100 DR or 0 AR in official documents and often known as the “City of Coin.”

Geographical Locations


Cloud Peaks: A mountain range at the northern edge of Amn, infested with dangerous monsters but home also to precious gems.
Mount Speartop: The highest point in Amn, three miles above sea level.
Small Teeth: A mountain range containing many evil humanoids.
Snowflake Mountains: A range of mountains in West Faerûn.
Troll Mountains: A range of low mountains, so named for the rather intelligent trolls that inhabit their peaks. Also notable for their large deposits of gems.


Shilmista: Shilmista Forest, also known as the Forest of Shadows, is a forest near the Snowflake Mountains. Its land compasses the kingdom of the wild elf[ Elbereth.The ancient boughs are rumored to be imbued with magic, and if called, will aid in battle. This was proved by Cadderly Bonaduce, who summoned them with the help of the tome named Dellanil Quil’quien to fight an army of orcs led by Ragnor and Dorigen of Castle Trinity.

Snakewood forest: The Snakewood is a forest located in eastern Amn. It was given the name Snakewood because of the great number of black and green snakes that live here. The Stone of Clans’ Parting is located on the eastern edge of the woods. Magar’s Hill is also located on the eastern edge of the woods. The Snakewood was once part of the great forest of Shantel Othreier. Other then snakes the forest is known to be the home of giant spiders, beholders and many types of lycanthropes. The ambitious green dragon Ringreemeralxoth lairs in the northern hills southwest of Brigand’s Gorge and west of the Gulf of Storms. The clerics of Eldath live in the central woods, in Duskwood Dell.


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